Founded in 1999, Ream Design was born out of a pure passion for plants.  A family-run business headed by Sally Ream and her two sons Marcus and Alex, it was Sally’s deeply-rooted love of horticulture that got this trio started on their journey.

Sally’s extensive experience and knowledge of horticulture stemmed from working around her very own home.  Using her (then) new house and garden as an opportunity to learn and experiment, Sally began by reading, planting, and transplanting various species of plants in her garden.  Sally continued her education at the UMASS extension Waltham for her Master Gardener certification, took courses at Radcliffe College for design and became a Massachusetts certified Horticulturalist.

How did this all first start?  “A passion for plants and learning.”

-Sally Ream, MCH

Spending much of their childhood outdoors influenced Marcus and Alex’s interests in the field.  Recalling fondly the times of being on their Grandfather’s farm in western Massachusetts surrounded by large machinery, the brothers believe that their initial boyish curiosities and excitement in agricultural hardware continued to play an important role in their interest and development as professionals in the industry.

For Marcus, the love of being outside with nature, the love of machines, and the love of working outdoors with family was there from the very beginning.  This love eventually took a more serious form as he decided to further his design and technical studies in the field of landscape architecture and continue building a career with the family business.

For Alex, it was the joy of working with family and the sense of accomplishment in transforming an unkempt plot of land into a beautiful display of flora that molded his role in the company.

“Being outdoors has always been in our blood.”

-Marcus Rodriguez, MCLP

With a fierce love for what they do, Sally, Marcus and Alex continue to fuel each other’s passions every day and reinforce each other’s skill-sets to form a dream team of landscape design and horticultural professionals.

Ream Design started with a few family friends requesting help with their own properties and soliciting advice on design and plants.  As word began to travel and the team’s handiwork bloomed into beautiful displays that spoke for themselves, business naturally began to grow.  Both Marcus and Alex helped with the expansion of the business, continually learning new tricks of the trade to hone their skills that added to their offerings of landscape solutions to clients.  Over time as business grew and sustainability came into question, the team evolved to focus on their core strengths and capabilities centered around Design and Construction.

“This did not begin as a business.  It began as a passion.”

-Alexander Ream-Rodriguez, MCLP

As the team continues to nourish themselves with experience, feed their curiosities with knowledge, and maintain their insatiable hunger to learn, Ream Design continues to flourish as an organization and are able to deliver their promise of quality to their customers.

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Create outstanding outdoor spaces; enhancing everyday life.

Foster motivated team members: Create a healthy, rewarding, great place to work.
Maintain a robust process: It is our process that makes us unique, keeps us efficient and enables us to maximize productivity and act quickly and effectively.
Develop long term partners: Create a network of the finest customers, suppliers and subcontractors. Uniting this network creates extraordinary value.
Generate profits: Reinvest, reward, save.
Give back: Support our local communities and care for those in need.

Focused effort
Team work

Sally Ream

Founder | Project Manger

Sally is the Founding Principal at Ream Design.  She has over 25 years experience in design, horticulture and sales.  Sally works closely with our clients to ensure the vision and health of their built landscape is realized long after construction is completed.

  • Massachusetts Certified Horticulturist (MCH)
  • Radcliffe College Landscape Design
  • UMASS Waltham Master Gardener Program
  • Member American Horticultural Society (AHS)
  • Member Massachusetts Horticultural Society (MHS)

Alexander Ream-Rodriguez

General Manager

Alexander is the General Manager at Ream Design.  He has been working in the landscape industry for over ten years. His present responsibilities at Ream Design include Business Development, Systems Development, Finance & Project Management.

  • Massachusetts Unrestricted Construction Supervisor License (CSL) #112545
  • Massachusetts Certified Landscape Professional (MCLP)#1530
  • Licensed Massachusetts Pesticide Applicator #38643
  • UMASS Green School Certified in Turf Grass Management
  • Class A CDL License
  • 2A Hoisting License
  • Member of the Massachusetts Association of Landscape Professionals (MLP)

Marcus Rodriguez

Project Manager

Marcus is a Project Manager with an expertise in schematic design development, construction details, preparation of cost estimates and on-site construction administration.  Marcus’s strong design and technical background helps to maintain a projects design integrity from concept through construction and ensures a successful collaboration with our clients, designers and craftsmen.   He has been working in the landscape industry for over ten years.

  • BS Landscape Architecture, UMASS Amherst
  • AS Landscape Contracting, The Stockbridge School of Agriculture
  • Massachusetts Certified Landscape Professional (MCLP) #1527
  • 2A Hoisting License
  • Massachusetts Association of Landscape Professionals (MLP)